Dr Arben Ramkaj is taking part as a delegate in the 41st session of the opening of the UN Human Rights Council for Geneva. 25/06/19

I honored that I participated as a panelist and gave me the right space to talk about the value of religious freedom and the protection of Albania’s clerics. But also on “Freedom of Religion Education” among the actors tasked with responding to human rights violations in the international space and diplomacy.

The panel was headed by Brand Brand, Secretary General and Deputy Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, while other panelists were Ahmed Shahid, UN Special Rapporteur on Religious Freedom; Iman Gilmor, EU Special Representative for Human Rights, Dr. Arben Ramkaj, Representative  of the International Co-Operative Center, Elbasan; Elham Manea, professor of Middle East Studies at the University of Zurich. Meanwhile, moderator of the panel was Ani Zonveld, from the Muslim Alliance for Progressive Values ​​and Inclusion.

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