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Purpose and scope of Activity

1.Promoting values of peaceful coexistence of religious and culture diversity in our country.

2. Preserving cultural heritage.

3. Conserving and restoration of cultural sites and objects

4.Scientific, inter-religious and cultural publications.

5. Distribution of aids of any kind, in all directions.

6. Opening private non-profit schools.

7. Providing assistance to children, students and all those in need.

8. Construction and renovation of schools and kindergartens as well as the completion of teaching materials necessary for the development of the teaching and education process.

9. Assisting in the construction of infrastructure in different areas of the country.

10. Organizing seminars, conferences and various publications on public information the goals of the center.

11. Performing various cultural, artistic, study activities Scientific research, publications, historical research, commemorative conferences.

12. Providing educational courses ( computer, foreign language, tailoring and other professions)

13. Helping in improving social and cultural conditions in different areas of the country.

14. Enhancing the healthy lifestyles and stimulating the sustainable development of society.

15. Promoting culture, advocating for democracy and human right issues, connecting youth, stimulating the active participation in the social life and decision-making processes.


“INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATIVE CENTER” ICC is registered by the Court of the Tirana Judicial District in the Republic of Albania by Decision no. 307 on May 03, 2006. We can proudly say that our team includes experts in the field of interreligious and intercultural dialogue.


Financial and Project Accounting Manager

Armand SHEHU

Project Coordinator


Media Coordinator

Orges BETI

Field coordinator

The Executive Director, is elected by the Board of Directors for a four-year term with a re-mandate. He exercises his activity in accordance with the Statute and the Founding Act.
The Executive Director during the exercise of the activity has the following competencies:
- Fulfill daily activities and executes programs set by the highest decision-making body.
-Take part in the annual program of activities and draft budgets which presents the approval to the Board of Directors;
-Directs the acting of the Center, flow base to Statute;
-Administers the funds according to the decisions assigned by the Board of Directors;
-Involve in the relationship with other local and foreign organizations.

This center is built is to enhance the healthy lifestyles and stimulate the sustainable development of society. Its work consists on promoting culture, advocating for democracy and human right issues, connecting youth, stimulating the active participation in the social life and decision-making processes.


- To build and promote sustainable bridges of communication in international level;
- Promote human rights and inclusiveness of marginalized groups having in focus gender issues, Roma community, and other vulnerable groups;
-To promote and preserve cultural heritage (tangible and intangible);
- To develop and promote cultural interlink age among the countries in the region and beyond
- To promote and raise awareness of the rich cultural diversity existing in the world
- Contribute to integration processes;
- Enhance youth activities, initiatives and projects;
- To Stimulate good governance, fight of corruption and provide transparency;.
- Embrace think-tank ideology and stimulate research; .
- To have a representative of the partnership from all parts of the World.
- To source for the provision of teaching and learning materials, scholarships, health facilities for our students and young people in extremely deprived communities.
- To institute a free counseling and motivation call line for all young people.
- To engage in Leadership, Mentorship, Internship, Skills training and Exchange Programs.
- To set up a global force for positive Change..
- To build an enviable forum of great young professionals and Leaders in different fields.