This show is the first part of a series of shows on one of the most acute problems facing the Albanian society, such as violent extremism and religious radicalism. This cycle of emissions will consist of five shows that will address different aspects of this phenomenon, not only in the Elbasan region but also in the areas around it.

These issues are part of a project that aims to contribute to the fight and prevention of the spread of violent extremism and radicalism through awareness-raising at the local level, specifically in the Elbasan region, supporting media as a key factor for enhancing dialogue with civil society , community and youth awareness to contribute to the prevention of violent extremism and radicalism. This project is being implemented by the UET Center in Cooperation with International Co-Operative Center (ICC) and funded by the European Union in Albania and implemented by the Albanian Helsinki Committee, the  Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the Dutch Helsinki Committee, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and the “Together Association For Life” in Albania.

In the first issue will be addressed the situation of the spread of violent extremism and religious radicalism in the world, the causes that have led to the creation of the so-called Islamic State, the Syria and Iraq War and its consequences for the Middle East and other regions, like Europe and the Western Balkans. The approach of the analysis will be geopolitical, but also theological, trying to explain the causes and roots of violent extremism, as well as manipulating religion for other purposes.

The broadcast will be made on Thursday 08.02.2018 and can be accessed at the Best Channel tv.

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