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Financial management

Our NGO's accounting system is based in:

-Documentation Registration in the Alpha Accounting Program, -Keeping relationships and reconciliation with third parties Donors and Suppliers; -Keep the accounting system according to tax legislation and accounting principles; -Communication and coordination of work with Taxes, Banks, Insurances, etc; -Receipts, Payments, Bank Transfers and Daily Holding; -Implement the policies, directions and procedures of NGOs. -Reporting under Contracts signed for project implementation. -Drafting financial reports according to the tranches and specific conditions of the Donor.

The procedure we use for subcontracting is based on these stages:

Market study and receipt of 3 bids, from which the lowest bid is always based on the quality of the products or services requested by the third party. Signature of Contract Supply Service, with the best Bidder who clearly defines the rights and obligations of each party, the prices and the manner of payment which mainly functions with the Bank, time limits etc.

Also for External Experts, Recruitment of Employees is based on:

The personnel selection process is a management tool that applies to the difference between highly skilled and less qualified applicants, using different techniques. The purpose of the selection process is to select the most appropriate candidate whose contributions will be most valuable to the organization.

Our internal control is maintained by the Department of Finance in accordance with the International Standard Directives of ISSO 9001: 2008, so that the classification of our NGO documentation and the reporting of the projects we implement are as accurate and clear as possible Understand and interpret.

Our external control is maintained by the external Accounting Office, led by the Best Accounting Expert, which also carries out External Audit and oversees the correct application of Albanian Legislation by not leaving our NGO Miss any action.

The non-profit organization “INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATIVE CENTER” ICC started its activity in 2006. The purpose of this organization is to carry out different projects of cultural, artistic, research, scientific, publications based on its statute.